cancer Guardian program


Advanced DNA Testing

Cancer Guardian participants receive immediate access to hereditary genetic screening upon enrollment in the program.  

This genetic screening provides participants with insights into their risk for cancer, heart disease, and how their body processes certain commonly-prescribed medications.

Additionally, participants who are diagnosed with cancer, after enrolling in the program, receive access to Advanced DNA Testing of their cancer to help identify the best course of treatment.


Cancer Support Specialists

Our Cancer Information Line is a resource for all Cancer Guardian participants and their immediate family members (including parents and parents-in-law). 

When an enrolled participant reports their cancer diagnosis, we immediately assign them a dedicated Cancer Support Specialist (CSS). 

Their dedicated CSS is there to support them through their cancer journey.


Medical Records Platform

Cancer Guardian includes a Medical Records Storage Platform to help you create a secure profile of your medical history or health condition.   

This technology gives enrollees and their family members access to a secure, cloud-based solution for storing and transmitting medical records for any condition, at any time.

Simply upload your medical data and securely connect with your Cancer Support Specialist and medical team.

Cancer Guardian Program

A new program that empowers an individual to identify their genetic risk in advance and address the challenges presented when dealing with cancer.

Cancer Guardian solves the problem of Awareness, Access & Affordability to services that can help improve prevention and survival.

Cancer Guardian powered by WGA donates $0.60 per enrollee, each year to the American Cancer Society based on the number of active enrollees.